A Look Inside “An Illustrated Tour” Color Your Way Through Laconia’s History

An Illustrated Tour Color Your Way Through Laconia’s History, is the first installment in the educational coloring book series “Color Your Way USA.” This series is geared toward children, adults, history buffs and art lovers alike. The series is based on historical locations throughout the United States and is a collaborative effort between illustrator Courtney Parsons and author Heidi Smith. This project is ultimately made possible by Give A Salute! Publishing Co and in partnership with participating non-profit organizations around the country. Portions of the proceeds from each book sold go directly to the organization involved to continue the preservation of history.

How it all began — In the summer of 2021, I posted this drawing of the Colonial Theatre on Facebook, which caught the eye of Heidi Smith, a Lakes Region New Hampshire native, historian, and conservator.

After the image was shared across local groups, Heidi approached me about illustrating a coloring book about Laconia — and the rest was “history.”


Throughout Color Your Way Through Laconia’s History, the intent behind the overgrown plant theme is meant to represent the idea of “breathing life” back into the historic downtown neighborhood; the meaning behind the book itself is to educate folks with little-known facts about some of their favorite places — and to raise money for the LHMS

Heidi’s historical facts and my illustrative interpretations present a unique perspective on 16 local buildings, landmarks, and other prominent areas from Laconia’s past and present.


Purchase it on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble today, and stay tuned – Your town or city could be next.

Contact Give A Salute! Publishing if you’re interested in seeing your city or town represented in a coloring book of their own.

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